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  • Dates Chopped

    Dates Chopped

    Moist and sticky chopped dates with a rich toffee flavour. Great for baking cakes, breads and flapjacks and a must-have for homemade sticky toffee pudding.

    Chopped dates are great to drop into salads and add to savoury dishes like tagines.

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  • Dates Pitted

    Dates Pitted

    Our select grade A (70 – 75 fruits per 1lb) Pitted Dates are the dark orange brown Sayer variety and are medium size. Learn More
  • Dates Deglet Nour

    Dates Deglet Nour

    These Deglet Nour dates are known as the Queen of dates. They are deliciously succulent and naturally sweet.. Learn More

3 Item(s)