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Pecan Nuts

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  • Pecan Nuts Halves

    Pecan Nuts Halves

    Unpeeled premium pecan nut halves with nothing added. Our pecan halves are rich and sweet and have a texture that’s both crisp and buttery.

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  • Caramelised Pecan Nuts Honey Flavoured

    Caramelised Pecan Nuts Honey Flavoured

    Let your tastebuds whisk you off to a simpler, sweeter time with irresistible caramelised honey flavoured pecans. Learn More
  • Pecan Nuts Honey Roasted

    Pecan Nuts Honey Roasted

    Whole roasted pecans in a luscious honey coating.

    Honey roasted pecan nuts are the perfect choice for the sweet-toothed nut lover.

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  • Pecan Nuts Roasted

    Pecan Nuts Roasted

    Whole roasted pecan nuts and nothing else.

    You’ll enjoy biting into our oven roasted pecan nuts for their buttery texture and superb flavour.

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4 Item(s)