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  • Peanuts Blanched

    Peanuts Blanched

    Blanched Hi-Oleic peanuts with the shell and skin removed. They are perfect for baking, or roasting at home.

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  • Peanuts Roasted Unsalted

    Peanuts Roasted Unsalted

    Whole roasted hi-oleic peanuts with absolutely nothing added. Roasted unsalted hi-oleic peanuts are an excellent snacking option if you’re keeping an eye on your salt intake.

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  • Peanuts Roasted & Salted

    Peanuts Roasted & Salted

    Our roasted & salted hi-oleic peanuts offer the quintessential nut eating experience. Hi-oleic peanuts roasted to intensify their nuttiness and seasoned with a sprinkling of salt. Scrumptious.

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  • Peanuts Chilli Roasted

    Peanuts Chilli Roasted

    Roasted peanuts with an all-natural chilli coating. Our chilli flavoured peanuts are not too hot but pleasantly piquant.

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  • Milk Chocolate Peanuts

    Peanuts Milk Chocolate

    Our milk chocolate peanuts are dipped in silky-smooth milk chocolate.

    Both smooth and crunchy, milk chocolate covered peanuts are a delectable combination of textures and flavours.

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  • Chilli Nuts

    Chilli Nuts

    Our Chilli Nuts are peanuts wrapped in a chilli flavoured crunchy shell. Learn More
  • Wasabi Peanuts

    Peanuts Wasabi

    The thrill seeker’s peanut! There’s an initial fiery burst that subsides — a little — with each wasabi peanut you eat. Roasted peanuts with a crisp shell of vibrant green wasabi (Japanese horseradish).

    Dare you try this snack?

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  • Caramelised Peanuts Honey Flavoured

    Caramelised Peanuts Honey Flavoured

    Butter up someone special with these sweetly, satisfying honey flavoured caramelised peanuts. Learn More
  • Caramelised Sesame Seed Coated Honey Flavoured Peanuts

    Caramelised Sesame Seed Coated Honey Flavoured Peanuts

    Gently baked and seasoned to perfection then sprinkled with sesame seeds. Learn More

9 Item(s)