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Cashew Nuts

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  • Cashew Pieces

    Cashew Pieces

    Our rich, distinctive, creamy tasting raw large Cashew Pieces are ideal for salads, baking and a key ingredient in nut roasts and other vegetarian dishes. Learn More
  • Cashew Nuts, Whole Raw

    Cashew Nuts, Whole Raw

    Whole raw cashew nuts. Enjoy the distinctive creamy flavour of cashew nuts as a highly nutritious snack or add to cakes, biscuits and breakfast cereals.

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  • Roasted Cashews

    Cashew Roasted Unsalted Nuts

    Premium, whole, roasted unsalted cashew nuts. The roasting process intensifies their sweetness and nuttiness. Perfect as a healthy snack for when you’re on the move.

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  • Cashews Sea Salt & Black Pepper

    Cashews Sea Salt & Black Pepper

    Jumbo roasted cashew nuts with sunflower oil sprinkled with ground sea salt and natural black pepper.

    Our premium sea salt & black pepper roasted cashew nuts are deeply savoury and great for sharing.

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  • Cashew Roasted & Salted Nuts

    Cashew Roasted & Salted Nuts

    Premium cashew nuts oven roasted and lightly seasoned with a sprinkling of salt.

    Our roasted salted cashew nuts make a luxurious snack that’s nutritious too.

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  • Chilli Roasted Cashew Nuts

    Cashew Nuts Chilli Roasted

    Whole roasted cashew nuts with a coat of natural chilli spice mix.

    Our chilli roasted cashew nuts are not so hot they’ll make your eyes water, just hot enough to tingle your taste buds.

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  • Smoked Paprika Cashew Nuts

    Smoked Paprika Cashew Nuts

    A Delicious "soft", crunchy texture with a warm, smokey finish. Learn More
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Cashew Nuts

    Apple Cider Vinegar Cashew Nuts

    A delicious spin on gut friendly apple cider vinegar. Learn More
  • Chorizo Cashew Nuts

    Chorizo Cashew Nuts

    Everyone loves the deep, warm, smokey flavour of Chorizo. Try it with our premium quality cashew nuts. Learn More
  • Sweet Chilli Cashew Nuts

    Sweet Chilli Cashew Nuts

    Our Thai flavoured sweet chilli cashew nuts are inspired by delicious flavours from around the World delivering a feast for the senses. Learn More

10 Item(s)