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  • Peeled Tiger Nuts

    Tiger Nuts Peeled - Organically Certified

    Enjoy these organically certified tiger nuts in their softest form with their skin removed. They literally are the 'creme de la creme' of tiger nuts. The process eliminates the outer coating, leaving you with only the creamy, sweet tasting inner. There is no need to soak these Peeled Tiger Nuts which have a sweet taste and are creamy white in colour.

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  • Tiger Nut Flour

    Tiger Nut Flour - Organically Certified

    Our organically certified Tiger Nut Flour has a unique, naturally sweet taste and is a great, gluten free, alternative to wheat flour. Because of its high content of natural sugars it’s ideal for baking cookies, cakes or muffins or as a sweet additive to anything from your morning yoghurt or porridge to soups or sauces with your evening meal. 

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2 artículo(s)