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  • Pitted Prunes

    Pitted Prunes

    Sweet, whole, pitted black-skinned prunes. A highly versatile fruit in both sweet and savoury dishes. Poach pitted prunes gently and add to recipes to boost their fibre content.

    They make they make great compotes and are excellent in tagines and stews.

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  • Prunes D' Agen

    Prunes D' Agen

    Sweet, whole, black-skinned prunes with the stone in. Our Prunes D’Agen are large — very large — and are a highly versatile addition to both sweet and savoury dishes.

    Gently poached, you can add Prunes D’Agen to your breakfast cereal to increase the fibre content.

    They make great fruit compotes and they’re excellent in savoury tagines and stews.

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2 Item(s)